The Lycans


For over a thousand years, Nicholas Konstantine has searched for his mate.  Now working with human blood donors as a research scientist trying to treat/cure human autoimmune diseases, Nicholas knows his latest sample belongs to his mate, and that she isn't human.


Recent college graduate Kristin O'Connor doesn't have a job, so when she finds the flyer for Konstantine Research and Development, she agrees to donate blood.  Kristen has fears, a questionable past, and absolutely no clue that Lycan blood flows in her veins.


As a tracker for the last Lycan King, Lex has spent the last few centuries with his friend Nicholas.  Having no duties to the monarchy, since the last King died 500 years ago, Lex has no idea how much his duties - or his life in general - are about to drastically change.


After the death of her parents 500 years ago, Nicholas saved Cass and carried her home to her Grandfather, the Lycan King.  After his death, Cass stayed with Nicholas, where she has remained.  The Princess is in a situation that has never happened with the Lycans - her mate has refused her.  


Kristen's brother, Darren, brings his own secret back home to NC.  After being in Boston for years with his job, Darren comes back home, not knowing the world he's walking into, or the direction his future is about to take.


Dante's introduction is as a chef, but he is much more than that.  As the series progresses, Dante's complexities, abilities and secrets grow, and his connection to the core families is much deeper than initially thought.