Giving Credit Where It Is Due


 Photo by Tony Detroit on Unsplash 

Cover Art

The cover art for my Return of the Lycan King series is all due to the talented Syd Gill.  If you're looking for cover art, click this link - Syd Gill Designs.


The Return of the Lycan King: Nicholas and Kristen was edited at the capable hands (and red pen) of Deelylah Mullin.

Books two and three in the series, Lex and Elizabeth, and Darren and Cass's stories, have been edited by Paige Prince.  

I can not sing Paige or Deelylah's praises highly enough.  


I write. That is my area.  Promotions are not.  Which is what led me to the exceptionally capable and phenomenally badassed group, Barclay Publicity.  Danielle Barclay and her crew rock at publicity, and if you're an indie author, traditionally pubbed, wherever you fall in the author spectrum, you can't go wrong with Barclay.  Click the link.  You won't regret it.