About Me


I'm a girl who grew up loving books so much that I wanted to create my own worlds.  I live in NC with my high school sweetheart husband, our two boys and a Min Pin who rules the house.

Writing Roots

In Junior High, I discovered the writing bug and it never went away.  Eight years ago, I sat down at the computer and began a novel, which is now safely hidden in my desk.  I'm about to release my third novel, (first in a series) with the next two to be released in February and March.

Writing Style

This could best be summed up by saying I drink loads of coffee, drown out the rest of the world with my headphones and write stories for the supernatural creatures in my head.  


Upcoming Releases

Return of the Lycan King: Lex and Elizabeth will be released April 17.  

The third book in the series, which tells Darren and Cass's story, will be released soon thereafter.  


"This is my first by Candace Blackburn and it’s not going to be my last. The first book in her Return of the Lycan King series is a winner."  Red Hot Books 

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